How to get to Danang Airport?

Danang Airport Night
Danang Airport Night


Traveling to Da Nang by air is seen as the best choice for most tourists because it is very convenient and a real time saver. In addition, Danang airport is only about 3km away from the city center, which is very comfortable traveling time to the tourist and entertainment areas of Da Nang city.

There are many kinds of transportation options that help you move from Da Nang airport to the city center such as airport taxis, motorcycle taxis, pedicabs, and so on.

Danang Airport
Danang Airport

Where is Danang Airport located?

Da Nang International Airport is about 3 km far from the city center. Da Nang Airport is also known as the third largest international airport in the country. Moreover, it is the main airport of Da Nang City and neighboring provinces.

Danang Airport Arrivals
Danang Airport Arrivals

At present, there are 4 domestic airlines and 23 international airlines that have direct flights to Da Nang International Airport with 9 domestic routes and 30 international routes, more than 150 domestic and international flights every day.

Da Nang Airport Departures
Da Nang Airport Departures

Ho Chi Minh – Da Nang Airport

From Ho Chi Minh City, tourists can travel by plane at Tan Son Nhat Airport to Da Nang Airport. The fare is quite cheap and the flight time is just over an hour only.

Ha Noi – Da Nang Airport

Similarly, if you are in Hanoi, you can also go to Noi Bai airport to board the plane to Da Nang. Your flight is very fast and very convenient.

Da Nang Airport Taxi

Airport taxi is the fastest and most suitable way to move to Da Nang city. With a distance of only 3 km, you had better catch a taxi from the airport to the center. It only takes you about 5-10 minutes, depending on time of day and traffic conditions.

Da Nang Airport has many big taxi companies to choose from, such as Mai Linh Taxi, Taxi Airport, Tien Sa Taxi, Song Han Taxi, …

Traveling from Da Nang Airport to the city by taxi costs about 60,000-100,000 VND, there is not a  huge difference between firms, however my personal preference is Mai Linh.

You can refer to the following taxi company numbers:

  • Mai Linh Taxi: 0511. or 0511.3.522.666
  • Tien Sa Taxi: 0511.
  • Song Han Taxi: 0511.3.655.655
  • Vinashin Taxi: 0511.
  • Taxi Airport: 0511.
Map of Danang
Map of Danang

Motorcycle taxis from Da Nang airport

Da Nang has long been known for its friendly motorbike taxis model. The motorbike taxi drivers here are fully equipped with uniforms, helmets, staff cards and civilized and courteous service.

Compared to a taxi, the price of a friendly motorcycle taxis istwo to three times cheaper. Visitors can pick up motorbike taxis just outside Da Nang Airport or call the operator to request the bike.

Hopefully the bove information about Danang Airport is the useful. Wish you all an enjoyable holiday!


  1. Thanks to the writer for this great article. Even though, i have never been there, i have a glance of how easy it will be for me to get there using your article. So straightforward!

    • Danang Airport offers a great platform to explore this beautiful part of the world. With Hoi An to the south and Hue to the north you are spoilt for choice.

  2. Obviously this post will be very helpful for any tourist. Thanks for this step by step description about Danang Airport of Vietnam.

    • Danang, is the Prince of Vietnam, clean and well positioned next to wonderful white sandy beaches it is a place to really relax. Amazing development is underway in Danang, with many beautiful resorts being built and if you are golf enthusiast world class courses are on the way.

  3. I remember reading a blog post by a woman who travels remarking how she got lost trying to find this airport not once, but three times! haha It is funny because most people never consider how hard it may be to get to an airport and do not consider that in their planning. Great post!

  4. Many thanks for this article! I’m going to fly there for the first time and I know very little about this country. Thanks for the taxi numbers, I think it will be very useful for me.

  5. This article is quite useful for those who travel for the first time in Vietnam. Although for me it was not so difficult to understand on the spot. The main thing is to know exactly where you need to get from the airport.

  6. I’m amazed at how detailed this article is. The Da Nang Airport Taxi tops my list, and I know it’s often, the ‘go-to’ option of anyone who wants to get to Da Nang city very fast.


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