Mai Chau

A Quick Guide to Mai Chau
A Quick Guide to Mai Chau

Mai Chau The Idyllic Valley

Mai Chau is an area within the Hoa Binh Province in the Northwest of Vietnam. Situated around 135 km from Hanoi which is a three and half hour drive. It is 65km from Hoa Binh town. The district covers an area of around 520 km² and has a populace of around 50,000. The region’s capital is the city of Mai Chau.

A Hidden Gem of Vietnam

Mai Chau, a valley encompassed by mountains, and its environment and culture pull in numerous guests consistently from all over the world. The area is comprised of 7 ethnic groups namely the Viet, Hoa, Zao, White Thai, H’Mong, Muong and Tay. The ethnic group with the biggest populace is the White Thai. The Ban Lac people have Thai precursors that settled in the North-Western territory of Vietnam.

Dazzling Landscape

Famous for its stilt houses. The Thai like stilt houses made of bamboo and timber, raised 10–12 feet above the ground so as to prevent damage from water. The region is acclaimed for its dazzling excellence. Significant destinations to visit are the Lac town with farmers in the fields with wild oxen, the 1,000 stage hollow, and the historical center.

Mai Chau Village


A couple days’ getaway is suitable to encounter the way of life and history of the general population. The best place to stay in Van town is a 4-star inn called the Mai Chau Ecolodge. There are number of visitor houses on the main road. Other alternatives include homes you could hold up in that are much less expensive. These homes furnished with the internet, power and fans in addition to other facilities.

Other noticeable hotel alternatives are the Mai Chau Ecohouse, Mai Chau Sunset Boutique Hotel, and the Mai Chau Valley View Hotel. Mai Chua Valley View Hotel is a cutting edge Inn arranged on the main street with perspectives over the rice fields to the mountains. From the Sunset Boutique Hotel, you can without much of a stretch see the peaceful villages, green lakes, sentimental slopes and the continually extending rice fields influenced by the crisp mountain breeze. The Ecohouse situated in Poom Coong town near the Sunset Bar.