7 Ethnic Minority Dishes from Northwest Vietnam worth trying

Pig Tongue Bamboo shoot Soup
Pig Tongue Bamboo shoot Soup

Dishes from Northwest Vietnam

For those interested in the traditional cuisines originating in the Vietnamese mountainous regions, here are 7 unique dishes from Northwest Vietnam worth trying.

Buffalo Meat

Dried buffalo meat has been a familiar favorite with lots of tourists. However, not many people know buffalo meat is one of 10 best dishes in the northwest region of Vietnam. It is famous for its unique taste.

Dried Buffalo Meat Vietnam
Dried Buffalo Meat Vietnam

Sausage Strips Bacon

The flavor of sausage found in this region is totally different from ordinary sausages.

Mac Khen

Mac Khen is a unique spice that ethnic people use in the northwest provinces. It is a favorite ingredient of both ethnic people and foreign tourists alike. It perfectly combines with other food to make them, well just tastier.

Mac Khen
Mac Khen

Pig Tongue Bamboo Shoots Soup

Bamboo shoots soup is a famous specialty available in Northwest Vietnam. The thick sliced pig tongue bamboo shoots bring a delicate taste, slight fragrance and softness. It is definitely a great choice for those interested in food made of bamboo shoots.

Hat Doi

Hat Doi has a great smell which is addictive.

Dishes from Northwest Vietnam
Northwest Region of Vietnam – Hat Doi

Cham Cheo

It is true that people in the northwest region eat this special sauce with all types of food. They use different kinds of Cham Cheo for each traditional dish. It provides food with a special flavor and captivating aroma.

Sau Chit Wine

Sau chit wine is a specialty that you can only find when visiting the northwest provinces. Many people, both locals and tourists, seek out this special wine. Apart from the wonderful taste, this drink is said to effectively protect and improve the health of the elderly or women that have just given birth, and boosts the energy and strength of men. For most ethnic people living in the mountainous areas, sau chit wine is always their most favorite drink.

Sau Chit Wine
Sau Chit Wine


  1. Sau chit wine I will drink. My next visit to Vietnam will be for drinking this wine. I like different spicy and tasty food. Vietnam’s traditional food has given me different feelings.

  2. I’m already falling head over heels for this Buffalo Meat, I can’t to visit Vietnam once again. I’ll eat the buffalo meat to my satisfaction. Thanks admin for bringing this post to my view.

  3. I have heard of the famous Sau chit wine which is mostly found in the northwest provinces of Vietnam so I came down to taste it. My honest opinion is that it is worth the hype.
    Every tourist visiting the Northwest provinces should try out this drink.

  4. Buffalo meat? Now that’s something I would like to try and definitely in a place where they know how to cook it just right. Insure it would not be the same experience eating it here in the United States.

  5. I’ve never heard of Sau Chit until now so I had to look it up. Wow, maggor wine, this is something that will creep out my wife but I’ll tell her only after she has a glass or two. Haha, I can only imagine her reaction!

  6. Nice article, thanks for those valuable informations. i would be lost without them. I will definitely try all those delicious food. Just when I will visit northwest Vietnam next summer. Just looking at those pictures makes me so hungry 

    Since I love meat my first choice will be Buffalo meat and sausage streap Bacon!


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