Ethnic Travel and 5 Villages of Ethnic Minorities Groups in Sapa

Ta Van Village
Ta Van Village

Ethnic Travel in Sapa

One of the most interesting features about Sapa is to explore the many possibilities of ethnic travel. Sapa and its surrounding areas contains many ethnic minorities, so it is a wonderful place to explore their daily lives in the peaceful and quiet villages of this beautiful part of Vietnam. Sapa, the city of fog attracts both locals and foreign tourists alike who wish to explore ethnic travel in its purest form. If you are planning to visit Sapa, do not ignore the 5 following villages. These villages in Sapa have managed to keep an impressively majestic charm and captivating beauty unlike any other part of Vietnam.

1. Cat Cat Village

Just 2km from the Sapa city center, Cat Cat is a Hmong people’s village. This place is home to many traditional handicrafts such as fabric weaving and the traditional art of twisting flax by using the natural materials of the area. Houses in this beautiful place have special structures that can help you to keep warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Besides, these amazing features Cat Cat village still maintains so many of its traditional activities that can only be experienced in Sapa.

Ethnic Travel Cat Cat Village
Cat Cat Village Sapa

2. Ta Phin Village

When coming to Ta Phin village, the colorful brocades with captivating and elaborate patterns of Hmong or Dao people will catch your eyes immedaitely. Interestingly, this place offers a brocade club. It aims to protect and develop the Vietnamese traditional handicraft.
Ta Phin Village is also famous for an ancient temple. Although it has been in disrepair for a a while now, this temple still exudes a classic beauty. This destination attracts many tourists every year who are really interested in ethnic travel opportunities.

Ta Phin Village Sapa
Ta Phin Village Sapa

3. Ta Van Village

Around 8km from Sapa center to the southwest of Avenue 4D, Ta Van village is also one of the most attractive destinations in this beautiful city. Ta Van, is the village home of Giay ethnic minority, who tend to the green fields full of rice and corn. When in this part of the world you really get up close and personal with the local people’s lifestyle and their array of traditional activities definitely provide you with many memorable experiences.

4. Ho Village

Ho village’s is a majestic landscape formed from the dark brown of leaves from the Hoang Lien Son national forest. There are some vast rice crops planted in the terraced fields that engulf the hillside. In addition, adventure walking along the roads around Ho village brings great experiences you will never forget. Ho village maintains a cool climate that is not as severe as the temperature in Ta Van or Ta Phin. Therefore, normally, you can comfortably walk around and visit Hoang Lien national forest, without the colder temperatures of higher altitudes.

Ho Village Sapa Vietnam
Ho Village Sapa Vietnam

5. Sin Cai Village

Located in San Sa Ho Commune is the Sin Cai Village, which is home to around1400 people. Sin Chai is home to many old people, especially women, who seem to defy the laws of nature. Amybe it is the peaceful life, clean air, and the wonderful nature Sin Chai keeps?

Sin Cai Village Ethnic Travel
Sin Cai Village

Ethnic Travel in Vietnam

Sapa, the land of fog located in the mountainous area of the Northwest of Vietnam, always surprises no matter how many times you visit. If you have a chance to visit Sapa, and experience ethnic travel, you should really take time to discover the culture of the region. Don’t forget, try and visit when the wonderous terraced fields turn a brilliant yellow. At this time, Sapa is truly at its best.


  1. This is wonderful blog piece. Awesome description of Vietnam’s villages attracts people all over the world. My next travel destination will be these villages. Thanks for sharing this informative post.

  2. I learnt about most ethnic groups in Vietnam but all these seems new to me maybe its because of the way I was brought up! I cant wait to travel to these villages and learn something new. Great article here!

    • Vietnam has so many wonderful ethnic minorities upholding their traditions and culure, For those interested in a holiday that is a little different go off the worn track of the usual tourist and investigate the many wonderful towns and villages that scatter this wonderful land.

  3. Every time I come on foodandtravelvietnam I’m always impressed amd amazed by what I see about Vietnam. This is another wonderful post from the the admin

  4. I’ve heard about this city a few years back in college and for me is the Asian equivalent of tulips or lavand fields, those terraced rice fields look so picturesque. I’ve never experienced ethnic travel but this seems like the perfect place to start.

  5. I think I’m more interested on cat cat village. The knowledge of them being able to keep there homes habitable in whatever season in awesome. Has there been any sort of research and documentation of this method? Of course I know that there are other ways to these things and other cultures have been able to do this, but this may be something.