European Saigon Snow Town

Polar Bear Saigon Snow Town
Polar Bear Saigon Snow Town

European Saigon Snow Town

Fun in the Snow Saigon Snowland
Fun in the Snow Saigon Snowland

The largest snow town in Southeast Asia has arrived in Saigon

Now, you do not need to complete a serious workout climbing the mountains to watch the falling snow in Sapa or get in line for ski tickets anymore because the European Saigon Snow Town has landed in Saigon. Do not wait any longer, let’s go.

European Saigon Snow Town
European Saigon Snow Town

Just opened Saigon Snowland

Inspired by an actual European mountain village is filled with snow all year long. Located on floors 3 and 4 of the CBD Premium Home, Dong Van Cong 125, District 2, the European Saigon Snow Town is a cool oasis in warm tropical climate.

With Japanese snowmaking technology, it is capable of creating soft; white snow 30cm thick kept at a constant 18  in the 4000 marea. The Saigon Snow Town brings a new fantastic entertainment experience for travelers and locals.

Colourful Backdrop European Saigon Snow Town
Colorful Backdrop Saigon Snow Town

Saigon Snow Town So Much to Explore

Snow town is divided into many different areas for visitors to have fun. People can celebrate and enjoy varying experiences in birthday, eating, handy crafts, uninterrupted gaming, interactive virtual play and Snowland areas.

Furthermore, this is where you have to grab a moment to see the snow falling in the middle of the town without going to as far as Sapa or Europe. In particular, the scene here will be a shimmering backdrop for your photos.

Saigon Snowland
Saigon Snowland

Snow playground admission tickets

  Weekdays Weekends
Children Adults Children
Turn-based price:

2hours per turn

130000 VND 180000 VND 150000VND

Time slots: 10am-12am, 12am-02pm, 02pm-04om, 04pm-06pm, 06pm-08pm

Free of charge for children below 80cm. Admission price for child applies for anyone below 130cm. Please always remember to wear bracelet issued on entry and payment. Please do not bring outside food and drink into the playground.


  1. Honestly, I am a snow lover and I find it difficult to seek for a place like this in the tropical climate country like Viet Nam. Through this article, I knew about another interesting place to go out with my friend in the weekend.

  2. I want to live there! LOL! I have never been here and I am questioning why I have not heard of it sooner. I am a huge lover of snow being born in Canada. I feel like a lot of people miss out on it but places like these seem to capture it so beautifully. Like their own winter wonderland. Very beautiful!

  3. Oh my gosh!! This place looks amazing! I. A snow person and I’m traveling around visiting all the major snow areas. This is being added to my list for sure.

  4. This is so cool, my childhood dream came true, it’s Christmas all year long! We’ll visit Saigon along with our kids and right now I’m making a list with kid-friendly activities for them and this place tops the list. Any other suggestions?

  5. Who would have ever known that snow making could be possible? Perhaps some. Anyway, the snow town is really a nice place to be, and I wouldn’t afford to miss out on the fun there.

  6. OMG, i love this idea, i come from a country where snow is very rare! So it good to know that when i will go i can visit both the beauty & charm of Asia, and snow of Europe.