Public bicycle service in Sai Gon

UBike Hire Bikes Taipei
UBike Hire Bikes Taipei

Upcoming Taiwan-like public bicycle service in Sai Gon

At the end of 2017, Sai Gon will provide a public bicycle service in the central area to facilitate local and tourist travel. The public bicycle service in Sai Gon will be based on a similar service offered in Taipei.

Public Hire Bikes Taiwan
Public Hire Bikes Taiwan

If you’ve ever visited Taipei (Taiwan), I’m sure you are familiar with UBike. UBike is a public bicycle service with yellow-orange bikes that are favored by city dwellers. The service has been offered since March 2009. The bike hire service was introduced with the purpose of helping people to travel conveniently around the city. The service also has the added benefit of helping to improve their health.

Ho Chi Minh City will soon launch the same public bicycle service as Taiwan. This is one among a chain of activities planned to attract bus passengers in the year 2017, in order to reduce traffic congestion in the inner city. At the present, bicycle-for-rent service in central cities are being adopted by many countries and has remarkably reduced traffic jams and improved the environment for city dwellers.


Public Hire Bikes Taiwan
Public Hire Bikes Taiwan


This service in the central city will also help increase the number of bus users. No longer do they have to walk long distances; instead, they can ride a bike from one bus stop to another to catch the bus.

According to plans, the public bicycle-for-rent service will use electronic keys for bike control.  Users can ride the bike for free if they use for only one hour. Users can also return the bike at different stations, not necessarily at the station where they rent from. Very convenient?

public bicycle service in Sai Gon
Taiwan Hire Bike Service

We are looking forward to the new public bicycle service in Sai Gon. Riding a bicycle in this city, is not only enjoyable, but also a unique and probably a more civilised way to explore and experience the wonders of Ho Chi Minh City. Not to mention much better for the environment.


  1. This is one of the most interesting experiences for all tourists when coming to Sai Gon. Not only does it keep our environment clean, but it also helps us stay healthy.

  2. I heard about the launch of Ubike in 2009 and I knew its gonna be a tremendous public service in sai gon… I’ll be visiting sai gon again to enjoy the Ubike

  3. I’m not big on taxis when I travel, I prefer the explore the town on foot but a bike is even better as I can stop whenever I stumble upon something cool and I don’t feel as tired. Thanks for the tip, I had no clue this service will be implemented in Sai Gon as well.