So why do tourists fall in love with Vietnam

Tourist fall in love with Vietnam
Hanoi Autumn

Tourists fall in Love with Vietnam

Vietnam is growing in prominence as a tourist destination of choice in South East Asia. Those travelers that once visited Bali and Thailand are quickly turning their focus to the unexplored Vietnam. So why do tourists fall in love with Vietnam? Is it the friendly people, the abundance of natural scenery, the remarkable history, the cultural connections, the vast choice of food on offer or its extreme affordability.

Tourists fall in love with Vietnam
Ha Long Bay Sunset

Vietnam is a Safe Destination

When making plans for any vacation, the first and foremost thing visitors should remember your destination safe and secure. On of the added benefits of Vietnam as a tourist destination is that it is safe. Apart from small amounts petty theft, the horror stories of other places in South East Asia are not replicated with the same similarity in Vietnam.

The newspaper “Business Insider” ranked Vietnam as the safest and the most friendly tourist destination in the region of Southeast Asia out of 30 perfect tourist destinations. Also, HCM City was put 48th out of 50 safest places to travel to in 2015 by The Economist (UK).

It is not the 1st time Vietnam has received this honor from foreign websites or the press. Last year, Vietnam was ranked as the 45th safest and the 2nd happiest place. DeMorgen (Belgium) also paid praise to Vietnam being especially suitable for female travelers.

Many Beautiful Landscapes and Natural Wonders

Spreading from South to North, Vietnam has many landscapes which amaze visitors. Vietnam has been seen many times on the list of most beautiful destinations on Earth.

From Hanoi, the peaceful capital of Vietnam to Halong Bay a UNESCO World Heritage site, Vietnam has much to offer. Vietnam also has Son Doong, the world’s largest natural cave, terraced fields found in the northwest, or beautiful and natural beaches from the South to the North. Add this to abundance of historical sites and landmarks, Vietnam has so much to offer.

Phong Nha Ke Bang Cave
Phong Nha Ke Bang Cave

Long-lasting History

Vietnam’s history is long lasting and vibrant with over 4000 years of existence. This incredible history reflected in the diversity of folklore and world protected treasures such as cuisine, legends, traditional festivals, French colonial architecture, tombs, temples, and historical sites, makes Vietnam a must see destination. Nowadays, visitors come to Vietnam not merely to visit this beaches or shop in Ho Chi Minh City; they also come to behold thoroughly enchanting Vietnam history.


Vietnamese cuisine praised by all walks of life and every type of tourist. On the map of the world cuisines Vietnam an array of tasty dishes such as noodles, bread, spring rolls, bun cha,.. all of which are famous in the country.

Moreover, street vendors and sidewalk restaurants offering many delicacies are what amaze visitors. Vietnamese cuisine is unique in that it is not as spicy as Thai, nor as decadent as French cooking, and not as oily as Chinese, but it packs a punch. Tourists, for example, can experience an array of noodle dishes to please the taste buds and pallet of even the most serious gastronome.

Cha Ca
Cha Ca


Coffee has made Vietnam famous; one such luxury is the egg coffee. Many Vietnamese connoisseurs enjoy filtered coffee with milk or with eggs added.

Fresh Food

Speaking of Vietnamese cuisine, we cannot fail to mention food stalls selling fresh foods found in the markets brought that very day. Egg coffee has been praised for its uniqueness, taste and nutritional value by many foreign newspapers.

Walking around these markets, foreign tourists can catch sight of a vast selection of seafood, meats, vegetables or exotic fruits. These very ingredients cooked meters away at a street stall that cooks food of the highest order and quality.

Kind and Friendly Locals

Many foreign visitors love the kindness, friendliness, and thoughtfulness of Vietnamese people. In addition they are always happy to give you directions to attractions, or how to catch a bus despite the language barrier. Foreign visitors feel their hospitality, generosity of this kind people.

Cheap and Affordable Travel in Vietnam

Traveling to Vietnam is not that expensive compared to Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong. Moreover, visitors can enjoy lots of exciting things and places to experience. Many famous foreign newspapers put Vietnam as one of the most pleasant and cheapest places to travel in South East Asia.

The Happy Lifestyle Journal has suggested that the amount of money to rent a room of a 3-star hotel in New York is enough to enjoy luxurious services at a 5-star hotel or some luxury resorts in Vietnam.

Affordability in the major cities Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi

Also the two biggest cities of Ho Chi Ming City or Hanoi, you can find many affordable dining restaurants as well as homestays if you wish to travel like a true backpacker.

Vietnam Bicycle
Vietnam Bicycle


  1. Up till now, I’ve known the reason why some of my foreign friends always want to come back VietNam, maybe because of the wonderful aforementioned features.

  2. All my visit to vietnam has always been safe and secure, and this great website has always been my guide.. I’m grateful for the help admin

  3. This has really changed my opinion of Vietnam. I was always scared of overseas traveling, but I truly want to go here now. 2ND happiest place? I need to go just to see why it’s labeled as this. Oh and the egg coffee? That’s a must try!