Traditional Culture of the Chu Ru Ethnic Minority

Ch Ru Ethnic Minority Vietnam
Ch Ru Ethnic Minority Vietnam

Traditional Culture of the Chu Ru Ethnic Minority

The traditional culture of the Chu Ru ethnic minority who inhabit the Central Highlands of Vietnam is famous for its unique and special features. The Chu Ru ethnic minority still protects, maintains and develops all of its historic values, including traditional singing, handicrafts and pottery.

Traditional Culture of the Chu Ru Ethnic Minority
Chu Ru Ethnic Minority of the Central Highlands of Vietnam

The Diversified and Various Folk Art and Literature

The Chu Ru ethnic minority has the huge treasure of folklore and traditional art. It also includes the valuable archives about the group’s historical feats.

Apart from many great epics, the Chu Ru ethnic group maintains the traditional idioms and folk songs. They aim at appreciating the women’s role in family and honoring the historic struggles against nature to achieve happiness.

The Chu Ru ethnic group is famous for some interesting instruments such as drums, rokel, sar, r’tong, kwao, tenia, cymbals, etc. Of these, the most famous one is the ‘gong’. This is a traditional instrument played at festivals. Local musicians play style of music to accompany the dance Tamya Arya, a popular and famous dancing style of the Chu Ru people.

Making Pottery

Chu Ru ethnic minority contains many people that have both skillful hands and artistic ability. The Buon Krang Go, Proh Commune, Don Duong District, Lam Dong Province is home to Chu Ru ethnic group. These places have maintained this traditional work for hundreds of years. On the sunny days lasting from December to March, all family in Krang Go make their own pottery products.

Chu Ru Wedding Customs

One of the most significant cultural features of the Chu Ru ethnic minority are found in their traditional marriage customs. Since this mountainous group still appreciates the matrilineal system, women are the most important people in a family. They can make all important decisions even in the children’s marriage. That is the reason why all children have their mother’s surname.

Today, the ceremony for getting husbands still takes place in many villages in Lam Dong province. According to this custom, if a Chu Ru girl falls in love with someone, she will suggest her parents coming to the man’s house and asking for marriage.

In the spring, the bride’s family will choose the best day to bring wedding gifts to the groom’s family. If his family refuses these presents, the bride’s parents will go back home and make the next appointments until they accept this marriage. If the groom should disagree the bride’s family will force him to wear the ring and become her husband.

On acceptance and wearing of the wedding ring the bride’s family give, he officially becomes her husband. His family will then prepare special gifts including buffalo meat, and special wine and bring them to the bride’s family. So hopefully now you have a better insight into the traditional culture of the Chu Ru Ethnic Minority.


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