15 things you should know before visiting Vietnam

Banh Mi
Banh Mi

Visiting Vietnam

Here are a couple of things you should know before visiting Vietnam this amazing place of beauty and history:


As a tourist, take good care of your visa and personal documentation. Do not forget your visa-on-arrival pre-approval paper. Collect all the information you need beforehand to avoid any mishaps within the airport or at a border station.

Beware of fraud

You can easily fall prey to lurking thieves and counterfeit tourist agencies willing to manipulate you. What’s more horrifying than muggers are criminals with business cards and a sweet smile to fool you.


Bargaining can be difficult but not impossible if you’re a tough cookie. Many locals are keen to inflate their designated prices when they see a naïve tourist at their stall. Don’t hesitate to bargain and insist on your bargain.

Ben Thanh Market Saigon
Ben Thanh Market Saigon

15 is the new 50

The easiest trick in the book. Street sellers convincingly make you accept a deal for 15,000 Dong and when it comes to paying the price changes into 50,000 Dong. Be careful you too can fall for this.


If you prefer to go by train, try to buy the tickets yourself at the train station. A bit of hassle and pushing in the crowd could save you heartache.

Keep your things safe

Pick-pocketers and petty street muggers are common in Vietnam. Keep your money and gadgets and your visa and documents safe.

Breakfast in bed?

Say no to all those free breakfast accommodations at your hotel. Those sunny-side-up eggs with crispy bacon are far less impressive than the auspicious stalls of food present around every corner.

Bo Luc Luc Vietnamese Shaking Beef
Bo Luc Luc Vietnamese Shaking Beef

Late nights

The nightlife is a sleek escape, but you have to take note where curfews are observed. Except for bars and pubs, restaurants usually close down before 12, many before 10 pm.


The best thing about being vegetarian is getting an ample amount of snacks and treats alongside meals every day. Vietnamese cuisine accommodates a vegetarian quite aptly.


There is a certain thrill about motorbiking along the roads and highways of Vietnam. You can rent a cheap bike and go cruising. But be careful about traffic laws and accidents.

Vietnam traveling by Scooter
Vietnam traveling by Scooter


You can get yourself enrolled on tours and bus rides which will take you on a trip pf adventurous enlightenment around Vietnam. It is truly mesmerizing to see Vietnam from the eyes of the locals.


The alluring smell of the aromatic herbs of Vietnam would get anyone drooling. Don’t forget to indulge in all the delights Vietnam has to offer from restaurants and street vendors.

Hanoi Dried Fruits
Hanoi Dried Fruits


Be respectful about the modesty in Vietnam. You can be decent and stylish without dressing provocatively in a place like Vietnam.


There is a high chance you will be visiting the beaches of Vietnam, choose your beaches careful to enhance your experience.

VungTau Beach Vietnam
VungTau Beach Vietnam

Tap water

Drink bottled or mineral water instead of tap water for hygienic purposes.