When to Travel to Vietnam

Con Dao Beachfront
Con Dao Beachfront

When to Travel to Vietnam

Vietnam is a country which takes the breath away as soon as she comes into view. Nowhere else in this world has a country been so blessed with natural beauty, from her brooding mountains, dramatic coastlines, crystal clear blue oceans, emerald green countryside and her vibrant modern cities. The Far East represents the exotic for most travellers, yet with China and Japan so inundated with tourists, travellers are now searching for other Asian countries where the tourists have not completely overtaken the country. Thus, tourists are now flocking to Vietnam to experience a taste of true Asian exoticness. So when to Travel to Vietnam?

Xuan Huong Lake Dalat - When to Travel to Vietnam
Xuan Huong Lake Dalat

Understanding when to Travel to Vietnam

Knowing when to travel to Vietnam can be a little confusing for some tourists as the climate varies depending on which region you intend to visit. Although Vietnam is a hot country, the northernmost regions are subjected to frosty conditions in the winter, while at the same time in the south, you could experience subequatorial warmth.

The Reason for Vietnam’s Diverse Weather

The reason for Vietnam’s diverse weather is due to two monsoons. Between October and March comes the winter monsoon. With this comes cold and damp winters to the northern region, including Nha Trung, while in the south, it is warm and dry. Then from April/May to October Vietnam gets the summer monsoon. This monsoon brings hot and clammy weather to the entire country, save those who live in the cool shelter of the mountainous north. The central regions experience fierce random typhoons between July and November, which can affect the northern parts of the country as well.

Vietnamese Silk
Vietnamese Silk

Balancing Vietnam’s Weather

If you want to experience Vietnam’s weather at its very best, then you need to come at a time when there is an equal balance between the two. For this then, the best months to arrive in Vietnam are April, May or October. If you wish to remain in the southern region, then come between November and February as these months are drier and cooler.

Between November and March and July and August, Vietnam sees a high influx of tourists. At this time, hotel rates can go up, and queue lines can appear to be never-ending for attractions.

Christmas, New Year and TET Holiday

Over the Christmas, New Year and TET Holiday periods there can also be a sharp price increase, and again, mass crowds are trying to travel. If you don’t fancy travelling with the masses, opt to come during May, June and September, as these months are the quietest.

Visiting the Pagoda First Days of the Tet Festival
Visiting the Pagoda First Days of the Tet Festival

So when to travel to Vietnam? Well, this will depend on you and what experiences you are hoping for.


  1. I like going to Vietnam in the rainy season. Why? Because:

    1. You can get discounts on room of up to 50%
    2. It mostly rains in the evening so you have the mornings and afternoons to travel
    3. There are fewer tourists so it’s not as crowded as in other seasons


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